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Jake Evanoff

With a background in Film and Television Writing, Jake discovered his passion for creating children's content in his final year of college. He began his career as an independent author in 2019 and one year later he launched Star Ship Press. He loves to write engaging stories that are fun for children and parents to read together. Jake's stories are continually inspired by his amazing friends and family in his home town of Hamilton, Ontario.

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Nino Headshot.jpeg

Mark Nino Balita

Nino loves to draw cute, funny cartoon illustrations of people and animals. Nino prefers to draw something positive and lively, his art style is sketched and very loose. It actually makes him smile when people say “Oh, this one looks like it was drawn by a kid” because he believes that is the best way to approach artwork for children. Nino always wants children to feel inspired and confident, he hopes that when they see his work, they can say, “I can do that, too!"

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