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Get ready for 150 pages of non-stop action and adventure as Norman and Plop come face to face with the dangers that lurk among Earth 2.0 and discover what it truly means to become a hero.


Books included:


Norman Space Bat

Norman is an ordinary bat and he couldn't be happier with his extremely average life. That would all change on one fateful day when he finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime! From giant black holes to ancient prophecies... With the help of some new friends, will Norman be able to make his way back home and perhaps discover his true purpose in this wild world?


Norman Space Bat 2 Game On!

Loveable space heroes Norman and Plop are back at it again! From MEGA MASSIVE MOLTEN MAGMA MEN to a laser-eyed Cyclops, the VIPD has no shortage of dastardly plans to try to stop the brave duo. Luckily, Norman has his trusty T-Chip to help him and Plop kick butt! Though, the VIPD may just have one more plan up their sleeves that will put Norman and Plop to the ultimate test.


Norman Space Bat 3 Frozen In Time

Norman and Plop thought they'd seen it all… That is -- until they started to uncover a secret past that would change everything. Get ready to join your favorite space heroes as they prepare for their greatest adventure yet! Will Norman discover if he truly is "the chosen one?" Will he and Plop be able to unfreeze Earth 2.0 once and for all? Find out in this EPIC conclusion to the Norman Space Bat trilogy!

Norman Space Bat - Trilogy

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