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Book Review: Goodnight World a Letter for You

Updated: Jan 8

With Star Ship Reviews, our goal is to bring attention to some wonderful independent authors and publishers. For this week's entry, we'll be looking at "Goodnight World a Letter for You" Written by Lacey Boucher and Illustrated by Eilnaz Barmayeh.

Goodnight World A Letter For You Lacey Boucher

The Artists:

Lacey Boucher I am a writer and self-published author of my children's picture book series, Goodnight World. There are 4 books now available and there will be 7 in total to complete the series. I reside in Niagara Falls, Canada where I am an elementary school teacher. I recently started creating content on my YouTube channel @laceyboucherbooks where caregivers and teachers can find Mindfulness Videos for kids as well as read-alouds and more!

My husband Brandon and I have two sons, Creedence and Cruz along with our fur baby, Numz.

You can connect with me in many ways including my social media accounts, my Dreamers Mailing List located on my website, or by sending an email to

Eilnaz Barmayeh: Lives in Instanbul, Turkey. We connected over FIVERR where I found her portfolio and she started creating the magic with her illustrations and has brought the Goodnight World series to life! English is her fourth language and at times we can have language barriers. However, we have a special bond and professional relationship that allows for our creativity to merge and become what you see in the 4 books that are available. I am hopeful for Eilnaz to continue illustrating the entire series.

The Story:

"Follow a young girl on her mindful journey of understanding that we are all connected and that all living things on this Earth should be valued and not taken for granted."

The Review:

Overall, I really enjoyed reading 'Goodnight World a Letter for You'.

It's a short and sweet story about some of the things we think about before we fall asleep! From the birds up in the sky to the raindrops that fall down onto our faces. I felt that the rhyming verses worked incredibly well for this story and made it feel like a classic children's nursery rhyme that would surely keep the attention of any young reader. The book also brings about a strong message in showing appreciation for the world that's connected all around us.

Eilnaz's vivid illustrations really help to bring the story to life. I was instantly drawn to the cover page of the book which is something every book creator strives for. I felt that every page had very powerful and very detailed dream-like drawings and I loved that the stories were quite literally flowing out of the pages of the protagonist's journal.

The Mini Interview:

To wrap things up, we've asked Lacey to answer three quick questions for us!

What was your inspiration for the story?

I was inspired to write this series over 10 years ago. I was working at an environmental organization in Toronto and was learning about the devastating acts to our natural environment that were taking place on this Earth. I have always loved writing and thought that I could combine my passion for wanting a better World with the kids who will be making the big differences as they learn and grow. I believe strongly in the creativity and leadership of children and my hope was that my writing will generate and inspire action for young children through curiosity, awareness, empathy, and unity. I knew that the illustrations were key in bringing the poetic verses to life and I truly believe that Eilnaz (illustrator) has done that!

What was your favorite book growing up?

I honestly cannot say that I had one favourite book. I loved to explore many different books with different topics and themes. I think it is important for kids to have many options of books to read, especially when their preferences may change and evolve.

What piece of advice would you give to aspiring children’s authors?

My advice to aspiring children's book authors is to BELIEVE in yourself! Everyone's journey is different and it is only you who can inspire and motivate you to where you want to go. I am proud of where I am today and I know that there is still so much to learn and experience. I've had doubts along the way and although they can still surface, it is that strong BELIEF in myself that guides me in this unfolding journey of being an author! You can do it, and you got this!! :)

The Links:

And if you'd like to grab your own copy of the book, it can be purchased here:




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